From its inception, SOKO Distributors has embarked on a bold journey fueled by a pioneering vision: to boldly confront the stark underrepresentation of BIPOC, women, and local small-batch crafters of wine, beer, and liquor within the alcoholic beverage industry. With unwavering determination, we have charted innovative pathways, carving through the industry's entrenched inequities with precision and purpose. 

Through strategic foresight and resolute action, we have forged ahead, reshaping the landscape, ensuring that every talent, and every aspiration finds its rightful place in our vibrant tapestry of progress. Our inception signified a seismic shift, empowering underrepresented producers of all scales to claim their rightful place in the market, propelled by our pervasive influence across the United States.

We sell, market and distribute our products through a 

multi-channel sales and marketing system across the United States.

SOKO Distributors stands today as the unparalleled vanguard, heralding a new era in California's alcoholic beverage industry. Taking up Tier 1 Supplier eminence and dominating as the premier black-owned and woman-owned distributor of wine, beer, and liquor. 

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have commandeered the market. We hold an expansive portfolio history of partnerships ranging from entities such as, Delta Airlines - SFO and LAX airports, 25 Total Wines & More locations in California, East African Breweries Limited (EABL), restaurants, and bars across the United States. We have amassed a broad reach and an unparalleled experience!!

Allow us to enrich your customers’ experience with our diverse portfolio!


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The Wachira Group 


SOKO Distributors

Federal Gov:

CAGE Code: 8BGE5

DUNS #: 012339855

NAICS: 312130

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Hayward, California

Year founded